Thursday, March 07, 2013

Power of wheels takeover the weekend

It was not like every other weekend when Saturday 2nd March ended in front of our eyes. Mysore, which we thought, will lack action with regards to the supercar and bike scene, left us numb and insane!
The event was chilly and under the scorching sun, when we got out and past weekend we were incredibly impressed.

The beast which caught our mind was the 800hp Toyota Supra, with all kinds of gadgets in the dash set to rock n roll the tarmac. Nissan Fairlady Z was also an enchanter with crisp looks. The Porsche Boxster S was another gem at the show which pulled the crowd towards the event.

It was bikes, errrr! Superbikes all over with untamed sound and speed, listen to the morning raga of these exotics, it makes your day!

We were a team who organized the event at Mysore, India. The team comprised of different vigor of personality, however like-minded petrol heads. This is the first meet-up we organized and we are confident that we achieved what we wanted and will organize more such events in Bangalore and more…

More info on the team:

Roobesh Vasudevan: RV Street Motography
Elias Paul: Pistons 'n' Pixels
Anil Kapse: Automotography
Shreyas Rao: Automotography
Prajin Ravindran: Automotography

A small taste of the types of vehicles that attended:

The 800HP Toyota Supra in Mysore - Exotics in India


2011 Porsche Boxster S Mysore - Exotics in India

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