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Visual Treat gets the true meaning

We have discussed about the Audi R8 as a visual treat in our earlier post, didn't we? But, the actual meaning of “visual treat” was given by “D.A.D”, by their recent project of wrapping the Audi R8 into stunning chrome.

When you talk about Audi R8 V8, the first thing that comes to your mind is the aggressive looks the machine possess, either it be from the front or the rear, German engineers have put together a lot of man effort and time on the machine to bring it as a marquee.

--> About Audi R8 V8

You can either think that, man made the machines or machines made man/men crazy, however, in both the ways the Audi’s supercar THE R8 is a fascinating driving machine.

The Audi R8 is equipped with a 4.2 litre V8 engine using Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI), which displays 4,163CC. It develops a power output of 420 hp and generates 317 ft-lb of torque. This is a highly reworked, high-revving variant of the existing 4.2 litre V8 engine, but includes cylinder-direct fuel injection (Fuel Stratified Injection), and four valves per cylinder, instead of five (as used on the previous non-FSI variants). The R8 is capable of sprinting to 100 km/h from standstill in a just 4.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 300 km/h.

Now let me tell you, the chrome job was not done by anybody outside the country, D.A.D is an Indian origin and they have made us proud by displaying their potential.

Read on to know more about the masterminds behind the chrome job for an Audi R8!

Mr. Daljit, what brought life to the project for the chrome of the Audi R8?

The client, having seen pictures of our work on D.A.D’s Facebook profile, contacted us (also they knew that D.A.D had done chrome projects earlier). To be precise, the client called us regarding a wrap job for their Audi R8 V8 in the month of October and briefed us on the project and wanted to start work by November. However, the car was not in Bangalore so work only began in December.

Who chose the idea for chrome on the Audi R8 V8?

It was totally the client’s choice.

What was the team size involved in the project?

In total, there were 4 people. There was one tinker guy, three for the wrap job and my supervision. The client provided the team with a workshop in Bangalore to make sure it stayed a secret until it was ready to reveal.

What was the duration of the project?

It took around 4 days to complete the project. Chrome is a very fragile element and needs pure concentration unlike other color/materials.

How many meters/sq ft of the material was used?

We usually have the car in front of us, so that we measure and take appropriate length of the material. In this scenario, the car was based in Bangalore and we had to guess. The Audi R8 consumed 260 square feet to be precise.

What were the challenges faced during completion of the project?

The two challenges were wrapping the fender and the bonnet, (psst the bonnet of the Audi R8 is really big!). Both are not separated from each other and required more precision. The bonnet itself is a fender, wrapping it had to be done in pieces. Now, if you look at the car you cannot tell that it was done with different pieces (3 pieces to be accurate).

What caught your attention in the project?

Chrome is very unique concept and although the job is a success, the material is better on supercars that are hardly driven. Being a fragile element, it will have a tough time withstanding the effects of hitting the road and the attention it will get from people (the touching, the feeling etc.). The slightest knick or scratch can make a big difference. Chrome-wrapped cars are meant for showcase cars, which are kept for a month or two. This point caught my attention as a major drawback.

Could you tell us about the segment-by-segment process that took place with the white Audi R8 which transformed into the stunning chrome Audi R8?

We first dismantled the whole car, stripping down everything that includes headlights, tail lamps, door mirrors, door pads and even the doors. After which we started the wrap job. The third part involved assembling the car and the grand finale was to the clean off the edges and the final touches of bling!

What do you think about the future of wrapping and the automotive scene in India?

Today, people are spending and the setup of modification is changing. If you can recollect how it was about 5 years ago, you will remember mods being done to Lancers and Honda City. Now people are doing the same to higher-end models such as Mercs and Beemers because everyone wants something unique. There are close to 12 Lamborghinis in Mumbai – so the question is how you can make yours stand out!

So how does wrapping play its role? Wrapping adds uniqueness without playing with the car’s originality. It is just a sticker which covers the car. For example, a white car today might be wrapped in a matte yellow tomorrow and gloss blue day after. There is no limit! It’s also perfect protection for the car as the wrap protects the original color from fading and being scratched.

In your professional opinion, is chrome wrapping cost effective in a vehicle maintenance plan?

It’s more about having a passion for your machine and a particular taste, where you want to show it because you have it. In the case of a chrome wrap, maintenance is not simple or cost effective (it’s expensive!). You cannot even use the same cloth to wipe the wrap – it needs to be changed every week. However, if you consider wrapping a car worth crores, this is certainly a good way of maintaining it.

What would be your verdict on the chrome job done for the Audi R8 - from a performance, design and wrap perspective?

I would say ‘outstanding’, it’s unique, it is the first proper chrome Audi R8 in India – which means it has something like a “WOW” factor.

When we completed the project, the Audi looked like a gem. Moreover, the client was happy and those who saw it were going crazy – that’s an ultimate achievement!

Our discussion was endless on wrapping, as we all know a wrap job is something which is not going to fade out. There is a whole future out there with no limit!

Then why not go get it done, folks!?

About Daljit Auto Design (D.A.D)

D.A.D is an industrial design studio, based in Mumbai specializing in transportation design. D.A.D offers a wide range of services such as body kits, custom body work and paint job, prototypes and car wraps.

Being founded in 2010, D.A.D is the latest design studio in Mumbai. It is conceptualized and developed by Daljit Mehta, a graduate in Product Design from Raffles Design International Institute.

Since its launch, D.A.D has done various body kits, custom exterior jobs, prototypes, providing custom paint jobs to clients. D.A.D does not only cater services to clients from Mumbai but also provides services to clients from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bangalore and other metro cities.

D.A.D is associated with the Mumbai Racing Club, a club into circuit racing, the maintenance and the bodywork of its cars is done by D.A.D

D.A.D is a bunch of professionals devoted to designing and developing styling concepts for cars by visualizing through ways of sketching, 3D modeling and prototypes.  Their latest venture into Car Wrap has received a lot of appreciation from people. Car wraps is a complete vinyl make over which is better and a quicker process than a paint job. Without messing with the original paint work of your car, you can wrap your car in different color shades within a day’s time.

You can change the color/finish of your car as many times as you want without messing with the original paint. It’s a simple process. When you are bored of a certain car wrap finish, you can just peel it off and retain it to its original paint job, making it a very cost effective product. With car wrap you never lose your car resale values as well as you protect your original paint from fading, scratches with the car wrap. The finish of a wrap job is far more attractive than that of a paint job. D.A.D provides various colors that cater to the target audience in such a way that the car seems brand new and definitely turns a few heads around.

Recently D.A.D wrapped an Audi R8 in chrome, making it India’s first chrome wrapped super car. Its highly reflective finish makes it a visual treat.

D.A.D rapidly understands the Indian Automotive Market, catering the needs of various clients accordingly.  Car wrap being the new trend, D.A.D offers more than 50 color shades in matte, gloss, brushed metal, carbon fiber and chrome finish.

Until now D.A.D has wrapped around 15- 20 cars in matte black, matte red, matte sky blue and matte orange finish. The Range Rover Evoque was wrapped in a unique brushed metal blue finish.

Car Wrap is the future of Indian Automotive market and D.A.D is working hand in hand to become a pioneer in it.

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  1. DAD is from India? I am surprised. I have seen the car in live it looks stunning a true beauty. I really hats of to D.A.D for turning it into a gem of the city.

  2. Yes Sagar, D.A.D is from India, the chrome Audi R8 is indeed a gem for the city.

  3. Superb article, hats off to D.A.D

  4. Truly its STUNNIN..
    I still remember my first encounter with this Audi in white as well as after the wrap work done and I personally like the Chrome very much.:)
    done and I personally like the Chrome very much.:)
    Thanks to PR (Prajin R) for showcasing this.
    So this is the second wrap job done for exotics in Blore after Glossy Yellow Bull.

  5. Truly its STUNNIN..
    I still remember my first encounter with this Audi in white as well as after the wrap work done and I personally like the Chrome very much.:)
    done and I personally like the Chrome very much.:)
    Thanks to PR (Prajin R) for showcasing this.
    So this is the second wrap job done for exotics in Blore after Glossy Yellow Bull.

  6. Truly its STUNNIN..
    I still remember my first encounter with this Audi in white as well as after the wrap work done and I personally like the Chrome very much.:)
    done and I personally like the Chrome very much.:)
    Thanks to PR (Prajin R) for showcasing this.
    So this is the second wrap job done for exotics in Blore after Glossy Yellow Bull.

  7. Great blog, I like title of this blog more than the blog :p


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