Monday, March 25, 2013

CannonBall Club Bangalore launched

The launch of the CannonBall club happened on the Sunday, 17th March 2013. The launch witnessed hundreds of supercar fans throng the venue ITC Gardenia Bangalore, from the morning to get a glimpse of their favorite supercar. The officials at the venue had a tough time managing the crowed along with guiding the owners to park their rides.

The cars expected to attend the event was 20+, however when the day began the venue almost could not accommodate the cars and the number had increased to 30+ supercars.  The owners had a pleasant time together, as this was a forum for them to unite and talk about each other’s cars, talk about automotive and enjoy great food and hot beverages. The owners were taken through a briefed session of CannonBall club’s rules, member details, drive and future plans. The next plan was to flag-off the event and take the supercars for a drive across the city.

The flag-off happened at 3pm, the crowed could not resist their excitement to spot their favorite supercar, it was vice-a-versa, the city cheered the cars and the owners cheered back at them by revving their Audi R8’s, Porsche’s and Maserati’s.

Take a look at the video below to see the city cheer at them at flag-off.

This is one of an event Bangalore has ever seen, or will ever see. We wished other owners also took part at the event. This is not the end of the world, CannonBall Club (CBC) Bangalore has 4+ more drives which will happen similarly this year and hopefully we catch up with you soon.

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