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Use tender loving care (TLC) to increase your Land Rovers life expectancy

Use tender loving care (TLC) to increase your Land Rovers life expectancy

Put it in trusted hands
It is tempting to put your Land Rover in the hands of a mechanic that charges a little less, but if the tradesperson is not an “expert” in Land Rover technology, then it is the equivalent of entrusting your newborn baby to a cougars den. Your car is a high performance and rugged machine, which means it, needs an expert who fully understands its needs. Saving a few pounds on cheap maintenance will knock years off the life of your Land Rover.

Read the manual
Keep it on your bedside table and thumb through a few pages each night. I promise, you will find out something that you did not know.

Air Filter
Buy a new one from a Land Rover Parts store and install it every 12,000 miles. For most people that is roughly once per year. They are easy to change yourself, and your manual will give you an easy to follow guide.

Don’t pull without a check
Check the laden weight that the manufacturer recommends, with regards to the tow hitch or tow bar. The engine itself could probably pull the skeleton out from a hump back whale, but the tow bar can only withstand a certain strain.

Load correctly
If you are pulling a trailer then load its heaviest items at the front so that the trailer will not swerve and weave across the road as you are driving. Find the trailers centre of gravity. If you are loading very heavy things into the car, then try to keep the heaviest stuff near the middle of the car, and try to distribute any other weight evenly around the car.

Brake pads
Keep a check on your brake pad thickness. There is nothing worse than the screech of brakes on discs when the pads have worn out.

Maintain and tune up your car regularly
Imagine the process is similar to dusting, in that a regular dusting keeps a house clean far better than dusting once per year. If you maintain your car regularly, then you will rarely come across any surprising and/or major problems.

Obviously, you should keep them road-legal, but also make sure they are correctly inflated. It will help to save you any extra fuel expenses, help maintain vehicle performance and save you from having to replace the tyres as often.

Let’s face it, you did not buy a Land Rover to sit in traffic. If you are going off roading, then make sure know where the fragile areas of the car are (such as the fuel tank). Make sure you know the cars dimensions and be a little more careful on wet surfaces. Read the ground in the immediate distance and the far distance. Try not to change gear when you are navigating on rough terrain.

Check the fluids and the oil regularly. Treat your car more like an airplane and make sure you do all of your checks regularly. Don’t forget to flush your fluids (such as brake fluid, cooling system fluid, etc) every two years. You can often buy the fluids at your local car repair/maintenance store.

About author: Alisia Jones is a freelance writer and a car enthusiast. In this article she is providing her readers all valuable information on Land rover parts and accessories.

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