Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Lexus GS Hybrid

The new Lexus GS Hybrid reflects progress in the development of philosophy of design and uniqueness, which allows more daring and dynamic drive. The vehicle maintains same length, it is 10 mm shorter, with rear 10 mm long and is 30 mm higher than its predecessor. The width of the total vehicle has been increased by 20mm, which has improved stability at high speeds. The front of new GS has got an aggressive treatment which gives it strong and dominant presence in the road corresponding to a Lexus sports sedan. The front facial of the GS is as similar to the design trend first developed in the CT 200h, grid-shaped top inverted trapezoid grille oblique lower have been combined and integrated into a single element, passing over the central section to create a bumper prominent spindle shape.

The headlights are enhanced, serving to reinforce to a more unique visual appearance for the new GS. Unicode designed three lights, exclusive for the hybrid GS 450h, aligns the intermittent and LED lights and road crossover, Lexus scoop in a single horizontal line.  An ergonomically designed instrument panel, interior of the GS represents a continuation the interior design concept of new-generation Lexus which was first Once in the CT 200h. With all driving functional components consolidated in the environment driver's seat, combines extraordinary ergonomics with advanced technologies man-machine interface.

The Driving dynamics of the rigid body is optimized using Computer Aided (CAD) to ensure the movement’s accurate response to address orders. The new GS 450h is equipped with the Lexus Hybrid Drive second generation engine, which strengthens the company's commitment to the future of technology full hybrid. The new GS 450h incorporates deep improvements of all aspects of its transmission which reduces considerable consumption Fuel and emission CO2, NOx and PM, without loss of performance. 

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