Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X spotted

The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X is a high-performance sedan manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors, till date there have been ten official versions of the EVO.

Mitsubishi introduced the concept version of the tenth-gen Evolution at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show named as Concept-X which was designed by Omer Halilhodžić.

The Evo X is mated to the new 4B11 MIVEC Twin Scroll Turbo Engine, developed on reflections of Mitsubishi’s racing technology and rally heritage. The engine adopts the MIVEC variable valve timing system in both intake and exhaust camshafts. The Evo X packs a power of 294hp @6500 rpm and 366 Nm (37.3 kgm)@3500 rpm high torque performance.

Evo X boosts superior transmission with TWIN CLUTCH-SST (TC-SST), AUTO SHIFT, MANUAL SHIFT and TC-SST CONTROL MODE providing the driving experience just as a feather to shift gears.

TWIN CLUTCH-SST (TC-SST): The TC-SST is capable of lightning-quick up shifts with no drop-off in engine power. It puts odd (1st, 3rd, 5th) and even (2nd, 4th and 6th) gears on separate input shafts. Each of these shafts has its own clutch and, through tight cooperative control with the engine, switches between these electronically controlled clutches to achieve seamless shifting and accelerating.

Since it uses clutches rather than a torque converter to transmit power, the TC-SST allows superior power transmission efficiency with little loss of motive power and returns excellent fuel economy.

AUTO SHIFT: Drivers can enjoy smooth auto shift by using the ‘D’ position of the shift lever. The shift transmission timing and speed can be further changed with the TC-SST control mode.

MANUAL SHIFT: The shift lever, or the ‘+’ and ‘-’ levers of the paddle shift, lets drivers experience manual-like driving easily. So, even during cruising with the shift lever at the ‘D’ position, drivers can instantly change to manual shift using the paddle shift.

The TC-SST control mode offers three drive modes with different transmission timing, speed and acceleration response, Using the toggle switch at the side of the shift lever, drivers can conveniently optimise driving experience under any road condition.

[Normal mode] For daily driving. Smooth shift transmission and low fuel consumption. Changes gear during auto shift at low rev.

[Sports mode] For mountain driving. Swift shift transmission and sensitive acceleration response. Changes gear during auto shift at mid to high rev.

To control the power of the 4B11 MIVEC engine and to achieve exceptional driving performance, the Evo X fitted with superior parts such as brakes, wheels, coil springs and shock absorbers. Few things that were visible to the naked eye was BREMBO VENTILATED DISC BRAKE, which improves braking force, reduces resistance and enhances brake pedal feel and to support the BILSTEIN SHOCK ABSORBER AND EIBACH COIL SPRING for superior handling performance, the suspension of the sedan can be further tuned to achieve a more compliant and stable ride.

The Evo X has been designed to increase body rigidity with lightweight parts. The roof panel, engine hood, front fenders and both the front and rear bumper beams are all made of aluminum. The aggressive styling, combined with wind tunnel proven aero parts, gives the low and wide body frame an aerodynamically clean profile. The oversized rear spoiler uses a twisted section wing panel to modify airflow and to improve vehicle handling.

The wide body, low stance, long bonnet/short deck proportions and long wheelbase give the Evo X its sporty look and improve its driving performance.

In addition, this EVO X is powered by Racetech (City based tuner). The power has been zoomed up to an approx +10hp, which keeps the car on the speed books of the city streets.

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