Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fourth Generation BMW M3 Coupé spotted

We spotted the fourth generation BMW M3. M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series, developed by BMW's in-house motorsport division, BMW M. The M3 is quite different from the standard 3-series BMW, the M3 includes more powerful and responsive engines, improved handling/suspension/braking systems, aerodynamic body enhancements, and interior/exterior accents with the tri-color "M" (Motorsport) emblem.

Under the hood of the M3 is a naturally aspirated, high-revving 4-litre V8 engine which delivers 414 bhp (309 kW; 420 PS) at 8300 rpm, with peak torque of 295 lb·ft (400 N·m) at 3900 rpm, which represents a power increase of 22% over the standard M3. The M3 is capable of doing a 0–100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. However a recent testing by Car and Driver magazine has shown that the 2011 M3 equipped with an M-DCT transmission accelerated from 0–60 mph in 3.9 seconds.

The M3 also features tuned suspension, a six-speed manual transmission, a carbon fiber roof, and all the exterior modifications like revised front and rear bumpers, and LED tail lights typical of an "M" car.

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