Friday, December 16, 2011

Germans invade Silicon Valley

Porsche fever hits Bangalore: The City witnessed another breakthrough in automotive sector with the grand opening of Porsche Centre Bangalore. The construction of the state-of-art 4,000sqft showroom began in early 2011, setting the launch by December 2011 of the most eagerly awaited Porsche Centre. This becomes the 7th establishment of the Germans in India and the third in the southern part of the country.

Porsche’s strategy towards Indian market of expanding its charisma of power and performance continues along with commitment to offer its customers a high-end product with leading service standards.

 “We are excited about the inauguration of Porsche Centre Bangalore, our third showroom in the southern part of India. The new facility provides us with the opportunity to expose our complete range of products from the Porsche Boxster, 911’s and the mighty Cayenne to a wider audience in the prosperous state of Karnataka.” said Ashish Chordia, Director Porsche India.

Auto enthusiast’s in the city has welcomed Porsche in full hands and as we spoke to a few fans, here’s their opinion:
Robesh Vasudevan: “They say better late than never, and that’s what Porsche has just done. Any sports/super car owner would agree for the fact that Porsche would have come up with a showroom in garden city much before itself, considering the number of units running in Bangalore with that beautiful Porsche logo. But then all is forgiven when you see the beautiful showroom right in the most happening place of the city- Lavelle Road, very close to Harley Davidson and Ducati Showroom. It may be lil small compared to Audi or BMW or Merc, but don’t forget they do not cater to mass like the other germans mentioned here-Period, and also this German has got a separate space for Service alone elsewhere in the city. All in all showroom is strategically located with couple of their beautiful specimens inside and the moment you enter the showroom you will know what exactly customer service means, with their ever welcoming and very knowledgeable staffs taking you through one of the beautiful cars Germans ever produced. Just one word about the whole experience- I got Porschefied !!”

Suresh Guttula: "Porsche, a well known sports car brand, known for its high performance and excellent handling, I don't know why all the models of Porsche looks similar but considering the output it differs from model to model. Very rarely, I used to see a Porsche model on B’lore roads, however, the opening of the Porsche Center would lead to visualize Porsche treat”

Naveen Balan: “I am happy about the new Porsche Centre in Bangalore. I am more excited since it’s next to my office. The showroom is located in a place which is surrounded by the big players from the automotive industry. This should make Lavelle Road more 'Posh'.”

Kamal Singha: “Hello!!! Car aficionados, Stuttgart’s iconic car firm has arrived in Bangalore. The Porsche Centre at Lavelle Road, Bangalore was officially inaugurated yesterday with due aplomb.  It is indeed a very exciting moment for car lovers across Bangalore to have another world renowned carmaker in our backyard. The legendry 911 maker was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931.
The Porsche Centre in Lavelle Road, Bangalore will not only enhance your experience on range of cars it has to offer but  it will also allow you the treat of Porsche merchandise such as the Porsche cap or golf shirt.
 So, all you Bangaloreans. Treat yourself to this high octane motoring delight.”

With all the Porsche fans pouring in excitement for the launch, Exotics in India strongly believes that Silicon Valley is definitely going to be a success story for Porsche in India.

Porsche Center Bangalore located on Lavelle road "Video"

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