Thursday, December 29, 2011

BMW X6 “M” Spotted review

This must be really big for your eyes to take it, the BMW X6 with an “M” badge on it. Since the “M” comes with uncompromising power of a beast.  The X6 M is a high-performance vehicle from BMW unveiled at the 2009 New York Auto Show.

‘The Beast’ is what I would like to call it, pumps out 555 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and can accelerate from zero to 100kmp/h mph in just 5 seconds, isn’t that thrilling.

The BMW X6 M is the first xDrive all-wheel-drive vehicle from the M GmbH and uses a potent version of BMW's twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8. Coupled with special suspension specifically optimized for M that features Adaptive Drive and the newly developed M Servotronic power steering, the performance Sport Activity Vehicle promises very competent handling. Other high-tech features include launch control for maximum acceleration and a six speed M Sport automatic transmission optimized for performance. Drivers can manually select gears using either paddles or an electronic gear selector lever.

Electronically controlled, variable power distribution to the front and rear axle prevents even the slightest tendency to over- or understeer right from the start, before DSC Dynamic Stability Control is even required to cut in.

BMW is referring to the new 4.4-liter motor as its “M TwinPower Turbo” unit. The name reflects the fact that the motor features Twin Scroll Twin Turbo Technology and a common exhaust manifold encompassing both rows of cylinders.

Although traction control is standard, the M Dynamic Mode (MDM) greatly optimises the aggressiveness of the system. The MDM setting allows the driver to enter a controlled drift and push the vehicle’s handling to the limit. There is also a DSC-Off Mode for those who seek sheer driving pleasure.

Exterior of the X6 M: The M’s characteristics hallmark pure dynamics and powerful lines. The roofline resembles coupe-like body structure in the rear meeting the flared shoulder area. To bring in sporty character, the X6 combines Classic motorsport features such as the aerodynamically optimised air ducts in the Air dam trim and the wheel arch air vents, also M twin tailpipes are an expression of top performance.

Interior of the X6 M: Open the door and the M logo on the entry sills gives an indication of the beasts that awaits your command. As soon as you take control of the M steering wheel you realise that the BMW X6 M is more than a Sports Activity Coupé. This is a vehicle that sets new class benchmarks in terms of dynamics, agility and emotion. The X6 M, impress with its stylish elegance and athletic ergonomics while the Merino leather M seats provide made-to-measure driving comfort and exceptional body support.

The BMW X6 M competes with Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo and Turbo S.

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