Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Exotics in India caught the all new 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, which had been presented for a campaign at one of the famous shopping mall in Bangalore. With its new technology and safety features the E-Class is likely to become another industry trend-setter.

The new Cabriolet joins the E-Class lineup of Mercedes-Benz making the carmaker a full range of cabriolet, wagon, sedan and coupe models. The E-class Cabriolet debuted last year as the ninth generation of the company’s highly successful model range.

The cabriolet feature:  The two-door, four-seat Cabriolet boasts a fully electric fabric top which consists of three layers of weather-resistant material and provides exceptional insulation throughout the year, even in poor weather or in the car wash. The convertible top can be opened or closed in 20 seconds even at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The roof opens or closes electrohydraulically at your finger tip and also infrared function on the key.

The E-Class Cabriolet literally tames the air as said by Mercedes-Benz with it’s the new AIRCAP system which works at push of a button to reduce noise, drafts and air turbulence for all four occupants. The new AIRCAP technology functions like an ingenious system consisting of a wind deflector on the roof frame and a special draught stop extends the flow curve over the passenger compartment.

Fitted as standard, the innovative Aircap system incorporates an electrically operated wind deflector above the windscreen and a draught stop between the rear headrests. When driving the new E-Class Cabriolet with the top down, simply hit a button on the centre console and the Aircap deflector is activated, channeling the flow of air over and away from the cabin. As a result, occupants are spared the turbulence and noise so often associated with top-down motoring. (Mercedes-Benz)

Mercedes-Benz pursues a comprehensive safety philosophy: the integral safety concept. At its core lies the vision of accident-free driving: numerous measures that support the driver in critical situations and can help to prevent an accident.

Forestalling this to safety philosophy, the Merc has introduced safety innovations like:
“Attention Assist”, which detects drowsiness. This is done by the sensors which analyses the driving behavior and compares the changes in driving with the driver profile individually determined previously.
“Intelligent Light System”, which ensures the best possible visibility in every driving situation with its four automatic settings.
“LED tail lights and adaptive brake lights”, The tail and brake lights and the third brake light employ LEDs. In comparison with conventional lights they are significantly faster and emphasize the sporty design.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is an absolutely excellent two door, four seat, open-top car. However I feel very suspicious if it could go with the Bimmer’s M3 convertible, well, the standard 3-Series convertible and the Infiniti G Convertible can be thought about.


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