Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hummer H2 Spotted

We spotted the Hummer H2, a big boy from General Motors under the Hummer brand. The Big B debuted in 2003 and was built under contract by General Motors and AM General (FYI: AM General is an American heavy vehicle manufacturer), in order to offer something more exotic than the H1 that was designed for military use. 

Good things come in small packages, that's exactly why the H2 is just as amazing as the Hummer H1 (even though it is smaller!). The H2 stands out in the off-road crowd like a heavyweight champion because of its size and U.S. Military Humvee-inspired styling. This is the ultimate selection for an SUV - don't underestimate it!

The Hummer H2's 6199cc, V8 diesel engine can easily punch out 393 bhp at 5700 rpm. Want more figures? He can pump torque of 563 Nm at 4300 rpm.

GOOD NEWS: In the standard model, leather can be found on the upholstery and also on the steering wheel, which features radio controls (groovy, right?)! You'll find 8-way front seats, which are heated just as the back seats. If you like music, you'll be happy to know that the standard model has a premium sound system with a 6-disc changer and rear radio controls. The standard H2 also features air conditioning with tri-zone climate controls, cruise control, memory system, outside-temperature indicator and a compass (great if you're the kind who easily gets lost). The 2008-2009 model also boasts a remote engine start!

What's on the menu for optionals you ask? A tasteful power sunroof, adjustable rear suspension, rear view camera, DVD entertainment system, navigation system, and universal garage door opener.

So who really stands a chance at locking horns with this Big Boy? The Land Rover Discovery or the Volvo XC90 are the only ones that would deserve the slot

BAD NEWS: The Hummer H2 offers poor practicality and fuel economy. But let's just cover that up with 
BETTER NEWS: Unmatched off-road capability and amazing styling!

4WD - Free Winch Cover - Smittybilt

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