Wednesday, April 04, 2012

NISSAN to give re-birth to the Datsun name

Nissan Motor Co plans to energize the Datsun model in promising markets like Russia, Indonesia and India within two years, the firm's chief executive told reporters.

Chief executive Carlos Ghosn said “the range will be tailored for each market, including price and engine size, and will target the growing market of first-time car buyers in countries such as India and Indonesia. Datsun is a good name, it was known for a product that was robust, reliable and affordable. These are good attributes to start with. We’re going to add good quality and modernity.”

As part of the deal, Nissan is planning to invest $400m in Indonesia to make it one of the biggest production centers in Asia. While the full model details are still to be confirmed, it is clear that Datsun will become a major arm of the company’s operation.

Nissan has not decided where the Datsun-branded cars will be produced, but a spokesman said that it is likely to be in Asia.

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